Wildlife in the Spences Bridge area:

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Wildlife drawing

Spences Bridge is home to a huge variety of wildlife, some of which are pictured here. You can regularly see California Bighorn Sheep, black bear, mule deer, coyote, bald eagles and ospreys. Careful observers can see moose, cougar, bobcat, dozens of bird species and more.

The fish are hard to see, but millions of sockeye pass through Spences Bridge on their way to Adams River and other spawning areas each year. Coho and Chinook (Spring) salmon each take their turns travelling through, and there is a population of resident rainbow trout that delight lucky fly fishermen.

Steelhead slide  

The Thompson River from Lytton through Spences Bridge is world famous for it huge steelhead.

This fish was photographed and released, as required by the regulations.

The "Y" at Spences Bridge is a favourite area for steelhead fly fishing in the fall, while much of the rest of the river is used by drift fishermen. You can fish just a short walk from the pub!

You are welcome to try for one of these beauties, but check the regulations before getting your tackle wet!

Cougar slide  

Yep. We are on the highway, but just a step from the wilderness.

This beautiful cougar was photographed by one of our patrons.

As when visiting any wilderness area, a little care must be taken out in the woods.

Sheep slide  

The California Bighorn Sheep are a part of Spences Bridge, literally!

Transplanted to the area in the early 1900's, the sheep have established themselves firmly in the Bridge, and now graze on lawns (as here at the pub) and the hills around the area.

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