The 2005 Bridge Burnout was another success. This year we have shots of Paddy's spectacular burnout, and two short videos available courtesy of Laura.

Paddy and wife Tammy with daughters Mary and Jessie and son John Henry



BBB finishes his winning run while Paddy waits on deck.



Paddy gets warmed up.



Paddy starting to smoke.



Breaking out the rear tire to start some artwork.



The bike starts to move while the crowd watches.



Paddy gets the back of the bike around while holding the front tire tight.



Holding the bike back while the back tire chatters.



Breaking loose for the blast off!



Tire art on the pub parking lot.



Paddy looking like a ghost rider in the smoke.



Winner BBB enjoys Paddy's grand finale.



Paddy's rear tire at the end of the day.



Paddy lining up in the pub.



Getting ready for the burn.



Concentrating, ready to perform like a champion.



Filling the pub with smoke.


To download a short video of this burn, click here.