at the Bridge.

Part of the bike culture is the burn-out. This can be spectacular, and we get the best at the Bridge Burnout Contest. Click on the images below to view a series of burnouts. These link to large pages and can take a while to load, but are worth the wait.

CBC attended the 2004 Burnout at the Bridge. Click here for a full size pic and a link to the CBC Radio 3 web article.

Chance was this year's winner. See why here.

Marcel and Bill show their stuff separately and in a Burnout Duet!

Burnout slide 2

From a previous Burnout, but still a winner!

This series is called GOING! - GOING! - GONE!

Burnout slide 1 This series is the V.I.P. Bridge Burnout Contest winner who gets to lay a signature strip inside the pub!

Again, from a previous year, this series illustrates how to make a perfect circle!

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