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Welcome to Spences Bridge!
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Welcome to Spences Bridge, located on the Trans-Canada Highway just about a three hour scenic drive through the Fraser Valley and Fraser Canyon from Vancouver.

It is a unique stretch of the major Canadian highway, as it accommodates traffic travelling throughout British Columbia and the rest of Canada. Freight travelling north, south, east and west, as well as travellers to and from Vancouver, eastern Canada (it's almost all east from here!), northern British Columbia, Yukon and Alaska all come through Spences Bridge.

Despite the mainstream bustle surrounding us, the impression of wilderness is complete. Nestled in the Thompson River valley at the confluence of the Thompson and Nicola Rivers, Spences Bridge enjoys a great climate, with less than 10 inches of rain per year and consistent hot summers.

Our summers are full of whitewater rafters, kayakers, hikers, cyclers and bikers enjoying almost guaranteed sunshine. If the weather holds out through the fall, they mingle with the fishermen, who start arriving from all over the world to fish the famous blue-ribbon Thompson River for the prized giant steelhead. Soon, the fire is crackling in the Log Cabin Pub's enormous fireplace, and the warmth and beverages start bringing out the tales!

With Highway 8 joining the Okanagan and the Coquihalla Highway traffic to Highway 1 (the Trans-Canada) at Spences Bridge, we are a great day or overnight "let's go for a drive" destination. No matter which direction you come from, you can go back a different way without too much time difference.

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Spences Bridge is the starting point for the world famous
Thompson River whitewater run